AZAD is capable of manufacturing all types of Turbine Blades of HP, LP and IP for both Radial flow & axial flow along with Compressor Blades. Our capabilities of producing precision components have given us the credibility of achieving extreme accuracies and meet our Customer requirements


Supply Capability

  • Compressor Rotor and Stator blades for Heavy duty Gas Turbines.
  • Moving and Guide Blades for HP and IP Steam Turbines
  • Forged / Machined LP Blades
  • Fasteners & Hardware



At AZAD, client-centric design professionals pay special emphasis to client's blueprint for the end product. The extent of customization can be seen in the fact that the CNC machine shop in AZAD has 7/6/5/4/3 axis machines that are capable of manufacturing all types of HP, LP and IP blades for both radial and axial flow turbines with a maximum length of 1100mm and a diameter of 800mm.