We started our activities in 2008, and by now AZAD, through its technical know-how and an amazing infrastructure has made its mark in manufacturing Gas and Steam Turbine Parts with an eminent degree of precision to meet highly customized blueprints for major OEMs across the Globe. AZAD facilities include:

  • Forge Shop
  • Heat Treatment Shop
  • Hi-Tech CNC Machines
  • State of  the art Laboratory
  • State of the art Inspection Facility
  • Heavy Machining Shop
  • Manufacturing software’s
  • Dedicated Team
  • Technical Expertise

And while it’s important to have the technical knowhow to meet these demands, it’s equally important to have the right perspective to meeting a client’s demands. At AZAD, we: 

  •  Manufacture components with a high degree of precision to meet highly customized blueprints. Attention to detail is high on the priority list.
  • Build strategic partnerships in the present for the larger engineering and manufacturing picture in the future.  
  • Strive for efficiency in delivery to our clientele, at low costs.

Our parts are therefore set to have the right perspective in meeting the client’s demands. Earlier these parts were imported, now being “MADE IN AZAD”.


Whenever the product needed specific infrastructure, AZAD has always taken it as an opportunity to improvise, and with an efficient team working behind the scenes; the job gets done to the dot. And now AZAD is set to take that work ethic farther and wider by tapping into the Oil & Gas, Automobile and Heavy Machining Industries. If these are signs to go by and with the outstanding performance in recent years, AZAD is sure to conquer greater heights.