Oil & Gas

We have ventured into the oil and gas industry owing to our focused precision manufacturing abilities. We believe that this industry plays a crucial role in powering the global economy as oil and natural gas are used for various purposes, including transportation, electricity generation, heating, and manufacturing. This industry includes exploration, extraction, refining, and distribution of fossil fuels, primarily oil and natural gas. 

 Our presence is in the following sub-industries:  

  1. Upstream: This sector involves exploration and production of oil and natural gas. It begins with geological surveys to identify potential reserves and then drilling wells to extract these resources. Upstream activities can take place onshore or offshore, including by means of deep-water drilling. 
  2. Midstream: The midstream sector focuses on the transportation and storage of crude oil and natural gas. Pipelines, tanker ships, and storage facilities are essential components. Natural gas processing plants remove impurities and separate natural gas liquids from the raw gas.